Demystifying the Economy

Demystifying the Economy

Economics is presented as a field of science that is so beyond the comprehension of the ordinary man/woman on he street, that we're told to leave economic decisions to the experts. In reality, it's nothing like a science and many of the complex equations and algorithms used are a poor representation of what goes on in the real economy. Economics for Ordinary People does the useful job of demystifying the economy, helping to give people the confidence to challenge the predominant thinking and beliefs of our current economic system.


"What I have seen in these last strange and unsettling weeks is not people battening down the hatches, protecting themselves and their property from 'marauders'. from a society devolved into chaos and violence. What I have seen is people putting their lives on hold for a collective cause, for societal as opposed to merely individualist ends. What I have seen . . . . is how important community still is and how we are all connected . . . by equally powerful social bonds". Mark O'Connell, author.

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