Community Engagement with Independent Journalists

Community Engagement with Independent Journalists

Journalists at VIEWdigital community media publisher are interested in extending our community engagement. We cover issues that have a major effect on society and get readers talking about them. VIEW readers are interested in topical social issues and we as journalists are motivated to provide interesting social affairs stories to inform our readers. We invite readers to sign up on to stay in touch.


Many people are sceptical of the steps journalists take to improve the relationship with the community.

Deeper community engagement improves journalists’ understanding of the communities they serve, this could be one pathway toward rebuilding trust between the media and the public.

Responsible Journalism is one of the pillars of democracy, holding to account, giving accessible analyses, opening up spaces for the conversations that we need, bringing us new ideas and new possibilities. Delighted that VIEWdigital is developing this role in partnership with the citizens they serve. Look forward to more on this topic!

Community Engagement and Engaged Journalism. VIEWdigital is proud to be on the European Journalism Centre database of community-driven news organisations in Europe: We want to start discussions on how to do this better.

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