One Million Trees for Belfast (1MT)

One Million Trees for Belfast (1MT)

A plan to transform Belfast by planting a million trees within the city boundary over the period of the 2020-35 Local Development Plan. Benefits in the areas of pollution control, health, carbon capture, temperature management, urban aesthetics, biodiversity, water management, tourism, inward investment, and the feel of the city are hoped for. The scheme has political support at council and ministerial level. It has the support of a number (continued below)


Great initiative - straightforward but effective

...of the city’s major private and public sector landowners. It has the support of the leading planting organisations active in Northern Ireland. It has established routes to funding. Relationships between communities, the public, business, etc., and the scheme are being worked out. Relationships with allied strategies, policies, and plans are evolving. Academic spin offs are anticipated. It is likely that the scheme will be adopted by BCC and the first trees planted before the end of the year.

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