Ensure accurate & secure record-keeping for good governance

Ensure accurate & secure record-keeping for good governance

A reliable, secure and accessible evidence base is vital for all aspects of open government. Every public sector policy maker, auditor and fraud investigator knows the importance of being able to find, use and trust official records as evidence of policies, actions and expenditure. Weak records controls result in a potentially misleading national evidence base that opens opportunities for manipulation, corruption and fraud; and undermines the ability to plan and monitor policies and services. Well-managed records deliver clear and durable evidence of what the government has promised, what it has done and how it has spent public funds. Objectives: (1) Ensure officials are present to keep records of all meetings (2) Ensure accuracy of the record-keeping (3) Ensure records are not tampered with (4) Prevent the creation of false records (5) Prevent the creation of removable records (6) Ensure records are not deliberately with-held from those responsible for scrutiny


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