Open Government Network Project

Open Government Network Project

We want to hear your ideas for how government in NI could be more open, transparent & accountable. The Open Government Network will bring the best of these ideas to the NI Executive and they could form part of NI's upcoming open government action plan! Workshops 14th & 20th April - see news section.


Ammonia Monitoring

Ensure the open & timely publication of government research

Prioritise wellbeing & community wealth building

Increasing access to open spatial data

Improve Executive Transparency and Accountability

Improve Fiscal Transparency by introducing a Citizens Budget

Structured Civic Engagement - Citizens' Assemblies and more

Limited Equal Right of Appeal in Planning

Building Participatory Budgeting - Bigger and even Better!

Ensure accurate & secure record-keeping for good governance

Consensus Politics

Open Election data

Gov. Policy assessed for Impact on Future Generations

Doughnuts all round for Northern Ireland

Increase people’s participation in the planning system

Deliver a Community Rights Act

Provide Citizen Centric Data Reports

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