Limited Equal Right of Appeal in Planning

Limited Equal Right of Appeal in Planning

Currently only the applicant in a planning process has a legal right of appeal, third parties - those who have commented on an application or who will be impacted by a proposal have no right of appeal. 1. The introduction of a limited equal right of appeal for third parties in planning processes would make decision-makers (Department of Infrastructure and Local Authorities) as accountable for their approvals as they are for their refusals. 2. Introducing this right would provide an additional check and balance and help to ensure that front-loading of engagement is meaningful. 3. Evidence from other countries e.g. Republic of Ireland demonstrates that Equal Right of Appeal can improve decision-making and can produce better outcomes. 4. If citizens had access to a Limited Equal Right of Appeal this would provide an alternative to lengthy and costly Judicial Reviews. 5. A limited Equal Right of Appeal would remove vexatious appeals. 6. Build trust and improve transparency?


A Limited Equal Right of Appeal would help to build trust in the planning system and improve transparency and accountability in decision-making processes.

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