Increase people’s participation in the planning system

Increase people’s participation in the planning system

Planning systems and planning decisions are ultimately political: they reflect the nature and distribution of power & values within society. Conceptions of ‘public interest’ and ‘public benefit’ are contested. There is a disconnect between those delivering planning and those seeking to influence its outcomes. There is a lack of trust in developers, planners, councillors and the system on the part of citizens; and a lack of transparency, accountability and consistency regarding development decisions and enforcement. Authentic engagement, rights based legislation and a clear commitment to wellbeing are essential. Survey findings from a recent Stakeholder Evaluation of Planning in NI show that in the power dynamics at play, the odds are heavily stacked against citizens. There is: a lack of access to information; and an absence of meaningful engagement. We need a planning system that will shape places for everyone with everyone in the service of people, communities and the environment.


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